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Functionalized Nanoparticles for Polymers

We produce biocompatible functionalized nanoparticles that are extrusion stable that can be added to any polymer.

The addition of the functionalized nanoparticle is added to the polymer to form the masterbatch.

Masterbatch is then used on the production line without changing the production chain.

The result is an additive polymer without sensory effect, giving specific properties such as:

    • Increased mechanical strength;
    • Active packaging with antimicrobial effect;
    • Active packaging with Lotus effect or self-cleanning;
    • Compatibilizing agent for recycling;
    • Anti-UV and anti-static effect.

We develop in partnership with companies innovative products with higher added value and competitiveness.

NanoMetallis was one of 10 startups selected from 150 entries for the Fourth Edition of Brasken Labs Scale 2018. The solution presented for Braskem Labs Scale 2018 was a flexible antimicrobial PVC polymer with the potential to reduce food waste.