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NanoMetallis was one of the selected startups in Brazil's agrotech universe in the After-Farm category - Bioenergy and Biodiversity. Nanometallis has been validated, analyzed and classified.

The Agtech Radar Study was jointly prepared by SP Ventures, the Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (Embrapa) and Homo Ludens Research and Consulting Develop technological activities related to the Brazilian agri-food chain and identify its profile, area of operation and location.

With the agribusiness sector in mind and the need to add value to the large soy production sector, NanoMetallis has developed a new nanotechnological catalyst for BD production resulting in higher quality, sustainable and profitable biodiesel.

In relation to the traditional process, the nanotechnological catalyst uses crude soybean oil and conversion is done at room temperature. The dosage of phosphorus even using crude soybean oil, which is so worrying, with the NanoMetallis catalyst is less than 3mg / kg well below that allowed by the ANP.

The BD produced with New Technology NanoMetallis brings a new reality to the production chain, with sustainability and circular chain of waste utilization. The waste is formed of a partially purified glycerin compound and a solid portion that can be used as a component for fertilizer manufacturing.

The New Technology for NanoMetallis Biodiesel Production has reports from accredited laboratories that certify the quality of the BD according to ANP physicochemical specifications.

NanoMetallis catalyst can be used in any raw material such as soybean crude oil, tallow, cotton crude oil or the mixture between them.

Higher profitability is due to reduced raw material processing, simplification of the plant to produce biodiesel with lower energy and resource expenditures such as water, reduction of chemical inputs and waste treatment, and reduction of plant maintenance costs.

With the implementation of RenovaBio and the increasing proportion of biodiesel in diesel, Biodiesel produced with the nano catalyst offers higher quality without the need for more polishing and the opportunity to adapt to carbon credit standards, as it has a smaller energy footprint. when compared to the traditional process.

NanoMetallis brings innovation with paradigm breaking combining cost reduction, quality increase, competitiveness and sustainability to the biofuels chain.