NanoMetallis is a startup located in an area with 500 meters of productive area in the American Park Business District NR Industrial District in Indaiatuba/SP.

We produce with our own technology functionalized nanoparticles much more efficient than the commercially available products, nanoparticles. Our functionalized nanoparticle production technology is addressed to solve a specific problem more effectively.

Production is self-investment and modular in scale to meet the demand of the productive sector.

We do not outsource production.

Functionalized nanoparticles bring as an antimicrobial solution, increased resistance to polymers and rubbers, nanotechnological catalyst for biodiesel and serves various segments of the productive sector combining sustainability with increased profit.

Our nanoparticles are silver and nitrate free, without organic solvents and are biocompatible.
We work with open innovation and purposeful synergy with the B2B industry to develop the validation solution for the marketplace.

NanoMetallis brings innovation to established industries and reorganizes the market.